General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

The program, by this agreement, has been done by the Organizator ‐Director, GENOBÉTICA SL.(From this moment Activandalucia), with CIF B‐92652023 NACIONAL 340, KM 194,7 MARBELLA (MALAGA) who as provided by law 21/95 of travel combined makes expressly stated in this agreement all information provided and enforceable legally domiciled.

This agreement is obligatory for both parties in the terms laid down therein.

The fact of purchase or take part in the trip of the contract originates the express acceptance by the consumer of all and each one referred to clauses, as well as the particular conditions that are included in the quote provided to the contract and which are considered to be automatically incorporated in the same.


At the time of the hiring of one of our programs requires customer a deposit of 25% of the total amount of the same, issuing the receipt which specifies, in addition to the amount paid in advance, the total pay, the slope of the program requested, not considering firm no reserve, without until the advance has been paid. Where such confirmation does not occur due to lack of availability, the customer is entitled to a full refund of deposited signal, not being able to
claim amount greater than the deposited by any concept. Once the booking is confirmed this is considered firm, and must pay the remaining amount with at least 15 working days in advance to the start date of the program

Together with this agreement, will be the customer of the amount corresponding to the program engaged in a home, this amount will be adequately modified in common by the client and Activandalucia according to special conditions characteristics, needs and demands of the customer by both the real possibilities of Activandalucia.

Counting from the date of delivery of the present contract, the consumer shall be within 15 days, if after this period of time has not been paid the deposit for firm reservation, Activandalucia means that the reservation is cancelled.

Included in the price

Only the services included in the program contracted with Activandalucia. The customer in case of doubt consult with it before the start of the trip in order to avoid subsequent claims. As a general rule, it should be a criterion of literalism, which leads to the conclusion that any concept or service that is not specifically detailed is not included in the price.

Input and output

Input and output facilities, schedules will be based on activities chosen by the customer. The entrance and exit of the accommodation, will be general rule and exceptions indicated in advance and in writing, as follows:

From 4 pm on the day of commencement of the programme will be accessible to the bungalows

They must be evicted at 12 o’clock of the last contracted day.


Customer must read and accept conditions which in the present contract are exposed, in advance to the hiring of different programs


The insured GENOBÉTICA SL has a liability policy with group life insurance company.

In addition to apparel for groups engaged with the Compania Europea de Seguros SA Insurance.